Quality Colorful AKC English and French Bulldogs


Hatch is the one who put my name out there many years ago and I am forever grateful for him.  He is a beautiful AKC blue tri triple carrier English Bulldog that just keeps getting better with age!  He is a proven producer of quality and all rare colors. Hatch has good rear angulation, super wide chest and shoulders, great movement, nice topline, gorgeous wide head with natural rose ears, lots of bone and nice tight feet.  He weighs 64lbs, 15" at withers, 15" wide chest (6" from the ground) and 16" from shoulder to tail.  He continuously outproduces himself and throws quality colorful babies in every litter.  Hatch is very active for a bulldog, has a gorgeous shiny coat, great eyes and absolutely no health issues at all.  With a wonderful goofy personality to boot.  Hatch is available for stud services to approved quality AKC English females only.   $1000 stud fee or second pick of litter.

Dam: Rosie Snickers
Sire: Papa Smurf Koehler
DNA: Bb/dd at/at


Suede is our gorgeous dark chocolate triple carrier stud. This solid boy weighs 72lbs and has mass and bone for days.  He is super overdone, wide chest, low to the ground, wrinkles on top of wrinkles, huge head, neck rolls and a massive rope.  He is just stunning and pics do not do him justice.  Suede is mainly used for in house breeding, however he is occasionally open to approved quality AKC English females only.  $4000 stud fee or pick of litter.

Dam: Baylou's Little Tan Tan
Sire: Blairs Bullies What's Up Doc
DNA: bb/Dd at/at


Bishop is a gorgeous lilac tri Suede grandson.  Weighing 62lbs he has nice broad shoulders, a huge head, massive bone, good solid rope and is dripping with wrinkles.  Super short back and low to the ground.  Bishop is available for stud services to approved quality AKC English females only.   $2500 stud fee or pick of litter.  

Dam: Mickey's Chocolate Tonka 

Sire: Mickey's Mr Wilson

DNA: bb/dd at/at

Produced by Mickey's Bulldogs


Hamilton is one of my up and coming future studs.  He is a super thick, big boned blue tri triple carrier.  More pics and info coming soon...

Dam: Mickey's Blue Bijou of Beautiful Creatures 

Sire: Mickey's Brown Suede 

DNA: Bb/dd at/at

All deposits received towards the purchase of puppies and/or 
stud services are non refundable.